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What I really appreciate about KidsWifi is the simplicity of its setup. With most other products on the market, the parent needs a computer science degree to get a product installed on the child’s device. After plugging in KidsWifi to an electrical outlet, you now use your computer or mobile device to set it up, which only takes 5 basic steps and Shazam! — your kids are ready for a safer way to access the Internet.


One of our favorite things about KidsWifi is that it’s a one time cost…no monthly subscription fees…no higher fees for more devices and no hidden costs! You pay for it once and you’ve got it for life…for ALL you devices. It is very versatile and can be used to control all your kids’ online devices from tablets to game consoles and even devices brought into your home by friends!

Tales of a Ranting Ginger

The nice thing about KidsWifi is that we can continue to monitor our children even if we are not home or in the same room. Settings can be adjusted to fit your families needs and usage. I am looking forward to monitoring my children’s Internet usage and am happy to have this added protection in place. Knowing we have this extra level of protection puts my mind at ease.

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I am so vigilant when it comes to my kids going online because I know the dangers that lurk around every corner. I can’t always police them or be over their shoulder while they are doing their thing but at least I have some peace of mind knowing I am doing even more to keep them safe with the help of this little device. I say little because [KidsWifi] truly is little. It plugs in to any plug socket in your home and setup took just 5 minutes.

Strength to Fight

This is the perfect product for the parent who is looking for a really fast, easy way to protect their children. It doesn’t cut any corners – the user interface is absolutely fantastic. The options that you have as a parent are really easily set before you and are really simple to understand. The biggest question is, “is this the right product for you?” And I think for most parents this would be ideal.

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My girls are 12 and 15. It’s harder and harder to say, “Put the iPod away, it’s 9:30”, or, “Put the iPod down, we are eating dinner. No Electronics at the table!” Words and verbal warnings are sometimes not enough to generate a response from a distracted tween. Frankly my biggest challenge here with the younger one is Netflix. She loves a few shows on Netflix and gets so into watching them on her devices that she literally can’t stop watching. Now I can help her to stop with the KidsWifi.

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If friends are visiting you can simply add their device easily, My son has come home a couple times talking about what he saw on a friend’s tablet. This way I can rest easily knowing I am in control even when it is not his device.

Give your kids the freedom to explore while protecting them online.